Surprising facts about the flu

For those in the at-risk group for flu, which is the over 65s and those with certain medical conditions, it’s imperative to get yourself vaccinated against the virus. Here are some facts about the flu that might surprise you:

  1. It’s not just a bad cold

Having a bad cold is miserable but if you’ve ever had proper flu, you’ll know the difference. Flu can be much worse. The symptoms appear suddenly and sometimes severely, including a temperature, shivering, fatigue, aching, sore throat, cough and headache. The flu is likely to knock you down for a good three days and can take around a week to recover but can take longer. Those at risk of the most serious complications are offered a flu jab. Every year, many thousands of people are hospitalised with flu, with 8,000 dying due to complications caused by flu.

Surprising facts about the flu

  1. Buying the flu jab in the supermarket

Did you know you can even get the flu vaccine in many supermarkets? Most pharmacies offer vaccinations for adults took, which are free for those in at-risk groups. Prices vary in the supermarkets but are incredibly reasonable at between £5 and £12.99.

  1. You won’t get flu from the jab

Contrary to popular belief, you won’t get flu from having the vaccination. The vaccine contains inactive flu viruses, so it cannot give you the infection. The majority of people won’t feel any side effects, aside from a slightly sore arm. Some might experience a slightly raised temperatures and some achy muscles, but any other reactions are extremely rare.Every year, Paid Medical Trials are held to discover more about the flu and possible treatments. If you’d like to learn more about Paid Medical Trials, visit Trials4Us.

The nasal spray that children are vaccinated with does contain live viruses but at a much weaker dosage, so will not give the child flu either.

  1. Antibiotics won’t treat flu

Antibiotics won’t help as flu is a virus and antibiotics only work against bacterial infections. You might be prescribed antiviral medication for your flu, but this doesn’t cure it. Antivirals help to make you less infectious and could speed up your recovery time. Antibiotics should only be given if a bacterial infection arises as a complication of the flu.

Surprising facts about the flu

  1. You need the jab every year

You might think because you had one last year, you don’t need another this year. However, you do. The flu strains change each year and you need a vaccination to protect you from the newest viruses. Flu can be unpredictable and vary in severity, so it’s always wise to get protected against what might be circulating each year.

  1. The flu jab is safe for pregnant women

The flu jab is recommended for use during pregnancy, no matter what stage the pregnancy is at. Getting flu while pregnant can make you very ill and even be harmful to your baby.